Edith With Googly Eyes

Finally something is going on in this house that's about me.

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ellenska asked: Edith, what's the age difference between you and your sisters? Do you think you're the dog of the family just because you weren't a boy? Why is it that Mary has "action" galore and you can't get ANY?

Dear ellenska,

Thank you for your hate-filled questions.

Mary is two years older than I am. Sybil was one year younger (Sybil II is 26 years younger than me).

The dog of our family is named Isis and even she is a girl. 

Men are always interested in Mary because they view her sour attitude as something they can tame…. Also, she’s a bit of a tramp. I could tell you some stories, but the last time I shared them it led to a great big mess. Me? I’m afraid I’m just a bit more dignified than that.

Why do you ask? Are you by chance a proper man with a title? If so, do write back soon.

Sincerely yours,

Lady EdithWithGooglyEyes

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nikkkel asked: Holy shit, this is fucking hilarious! So much time went into these pictures.... It's so great!!


Dear nikkkel,

First, I understand you are excited so I will excuse the harsh language. Just be happy grandmama didn’t hear.

With that said, thank you for your enthusiasm! As for the amount of time that went into each of these photographs, you are quite right! Photographs are quite the task! First, the photographer has to set the camera up on a contraption known as a “tripod,” named for its three legs I’m sure. Then he must load the film into the camera. Once he takes the picture, he has to be careful not to expose the photograph to the light or else the whole thing will be ruined and we’ll have to start the process all over again! Not to mention that he must change the flashbulb between every picture he takes! The whole thing is positively exhausting. But it’s worth it to capture a moment in time to look back on forever.

Thank you for writing. I hope you are well.

Sincerely yours,